Hair Coloring and Hair Surface/Texture Changes

Ever wonder why color-treated hair feels rougher or has a slightly different texture than untreated hair? Permanent hair color degrades the hair’s smooth, transparent cuticle surface, which causes it to become uneven, chipped, irregular and rough.  This micro-scarring of the hair’s cuticle causes additional friction between individual hair shafts, leading to dryness and hair damage.  Then of course, when the hair’s surface is ruffled- we aren’t able to properly reflect light that would normally give us sheen or shine.   Surface changes are more pronounced the lighter we go– i.e going from dark brown to blondes and honey hues.  Ensuring that color-treated hair receives proper protein and moisture conditioning ( . . . and that hair is sufficiently moisturized and sealed) is essential for keeping those fibers healthy and breakage resistant.



  1. Thank you very much for your fantastic book I bought and received last week (i live in France). It is like a dream come true to get a book which tells us in a scientific way (I am a student in medicine) how amazing our hair is. The fact that it is not so easy to understand how to take care of it, the fact that it is so versatile shows us that the Lord works in mysterious ways and that this hair is a gift from Him. God bless you Audrey Sivasothy.

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