The Case for Transitioning

Ahhh . . . Transitioning  . . . Going from relaxed to natural hair can be an exciting, liberating experience, and there are two basic ways to get there. The fastest, no nonsense way to go natural is by simply cutting off all the relaxed hair in one fell swoop, or big chopping.  But big […]

When to Say Goodbye to Your Stylist: Transitioners & Newly Naturals

Going to your hair stylist should be an enjoyable experience—however, for transitioners and new naturals who are visiting with their stylists just after their decision to go natural or big chop, the trip can be daunting. In order to get the most out of your healthy hair care journey, your stylist must absolutely be on […]

Color Smart: 4 Things You Should Consider Before You Color Your Natural Hair

Taking your hair to the next level with color can be a really exciting experience.  Color can jazz up a boring puff, add dimension to locs and twistouts or really turn heads as a simple statement piece on TWAs.  While going darker, adding lowlights or coloring within your natural color range won’t cause you too […]

When Water is the Enemy

When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, most folks will tell you— moisture is the key.  In fact, “moisture, moisture, moisture” is one of the first things we learn as hair care newbies in this big strange world of hair regimens and hair care.  And let’s face it— when your head is home to one […]

The Compound Effect in Healthy Hair Care: Avoiding the Fluff and Sticking to Key Healthy Hair Principles

Most writers will tell you that they are also avid readers.  I am no exception to the rule.  Interestingly, one book that has informed my understanding of hair care is not really a hair care book at all.  It’s a little book called, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  In the book, Hardy states that, […]

Holistic Protective Styling: 7 Great Tips for Building More Protection Into Your Hair Care Regimen

Last week we discussed the importance of looking at protective styling from a holistic standpoint.  (A holistic protective styling regimen is one where protective measures are instituted throughout the entire regimen from cleansing to conditioning and general handling.) Actual hair styling is just a bullet point in a holistic protective styling regimen.  When all of […]