The Science of Black Hair in Audio!

Still thinking about what to get that special someone on your Christmas list?  

Your mom?

Your daughter?


Your stylist?  

The Science of Black Hair makes a great gift for the special people on your list this year!

Well, we have the perfect solution!  

The Science of Black Hair book in audio!

YES! We’ve finally done something we’ve been promising to do for awhile… we’ve made The Science of Black Hair available as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and Itunes!  

To celebrate our move into Audio (and to get into the Holiday spirit), we’re giving you guys a sample chapter to listen to for free.

>> So! Give it a listen.<<

The narrator we worked with was the lovely Ms. Marti Dumas, and her voice is amazing. It’s soothing and will make the more technical parts of the book a lot more interesting to listen to. (I think 12+ hours of hearing my sweet, yet very, very country Louisiana accent would probably have you switching over to Pandora sooner rather than later for some relief, haha!) She’s also from Louisiana, too, so go figure!

You can snag your own copy of the Audiobook here on Amazon!  The audiobook will also be available on Itunes in the next few days.



  1. Sumayah W says:

    This is awesome. I am a licensed cosmetologist just starting my career and I Just love this book. I believe when your serious about a passion the learning never ends. I live and breath hair but I needed to brush up on the science so that I can maintain clients because I offer not just beautiful styling but an awesome healty regimen. This audio coming out is so great for me, everyone everyday should take in knowledge in whatever they do. Whether its tapes books webinaers seminars or hands on classes. This book was awesome very easy to follow and understand. I read a little bit everyday then apply and change something I do everyday that might not been the most beneficial way to serve my client. I’m defin about to purchase this. I loveeeeee this book. So many books promise to teach you about textured hair but this books speaks on everything!!!!!!!!!

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