Moisture Basics: Moisturizing and Sealing Your Hair

Hey guys and gals, I’m back today with a new video that’ll be the first in our series about moisture!

In Part I of “Moisture Basics: Moisturizing and Sealing Your Hair” we cover the important role of humectants and oils in the moisturization process. We also show how water improves elasticity and other ways moisture improves our hair with a few quick diagrams. You’ll get the answer to questions like:

“What is moisture?”
“Why is it important to moisturize and seal the hair?”
“Are some oil seals stronger/better than others? Are oil seals permanent?”

Water is important to our hair’s health—from within and without. In this episode, it’s all about the importance of water.  Hair is approximately 10-15% water and can easily absorb and lose this water. This is why moisturizing + sealing is so important.

Moisture is amazing for our hair.  It gets into the hair, between our hair’s protein molecules/linkages, and makes our hair a lot more bendy and flexible.  When the balance dips below this 10% range or so, our hair becomes a lot more rigid, brittle and stiff.  Moisturizing and sealing the hair are as simple as applying water or a water-based moisturizer and then applying a light coating of oil or butter on top of that.  That’s it!  The type of moisturizer (liquid vs creamy)  and the oil seal you choose (light oil to buttery/pomade-ish) depends on how you’re wearing your hair and your hair’s texture (strand diameter).

To Sum it Up:

What is moisture?   Water and water-based products.

Moisture support:  Humectants (glycerin, aloe), Occlusive agents (Oils and butters) and emollients.

In the next part of this series, we will cover basic water/moisture problems and what you need to look out for!  Stay tuned!


 . . . Also, if you’re in Ohio, I’ll be conducting a Science of Black Hair Workshop this Saturday at 2pm!  Details below.

Naturally Fly Natural Hair Expo

Saturday, March 23, 2013 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT)  Wilberforce, OH

More Details:

NaturallyFly-3-23-2013-science of black hair


  1. I’ve had great success with the water + oil method for my locs. I spritz my locs daily (well, most of the time) with distiller water. Then I use a very light oil blend – carrier and essential oils – my own formulation – on my locs, paying particular attention to my ends. I love using my oil blend liberally in my hair when it’s still damp from a shampoo. My locs dry soft and full of sheen instead of dry and brittle like they used to.

    I love this blog post (and your book) because it helps me understand very clearly exactly WHY this approach is best for the hair. Thanks Audrey!

    • Thanks for sharing that Nicole’. I’m sure that will help lots of loc wearers and well everybody else too! What’s in your oil blend?

      • Coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils, with an essential oil blend that includes lavender and ylang ylang. Say the word and I’ll send you a bottle 🙂

        But on another note, I saw something 2 days ago that made me want to cry… A stylist in a barbershop, combing out a toddler’s wet hair while lowing it out… And the poor little guy was crying, sometimes screaming. She used a fairly fine-toothed comb, grabbed his hair by the roots and combed it out in sections but from the middle of the strands… I wanted to show her the section in your book about detangling but she was insisting loudly that she was doing the right thing.

        Keep doing what you’re doing. The word needs to get out about how we should take care of our hair.

  2. Wow this video just brings your book to life!! I love the live photo demos as well as the pasta comparisons. Awesome information! Audrey, I wouldn’t be surprised if you one day opened a, The Science of Black Hair Academy for those interested in this specific field! It is definitely needed.

  3. I want to ask u could u please make a post for what the best deep conditioners and leave in conditioners and oils that I can use in telling hair

  4. Very informative and helpful post. I love your video. Thank you for sharing tips about the basics of moisturizing and sealing. Have a nice day!


  1. […] case you forgot, the series is 4 videos all together. Here’s Part I of the series, and I’ll link to others as I post them. […]

  2. […] series is 4 videos all together. Here’s Part I of the series, and I’ll link to others as I post them.  Today, I’ll post the hardness video! […]

  3. […] Moisture Basics: Moisturizing and Sealing Your Hair […]

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