We’re doing a Super Survey on Hair Attitudes, Trends & Practices!

Hey ladies and gents, it’s Audrey!

I wanted to drop in and ask a huge favor! We are working on an informal survey about various hair attitudes, trends and practices– and we need your help!  You can find the survey here. >>>> Click here to go to the hair survey! 

Feel free to pass the survey on to your girlfriends and guy friends.  Share in your hair spaces, forums, blogs, etc! We are collecting responses from the following groups:

  • Relaxed hair & Natural Hair ladies
  • Transitioners
  • Men & Women

We appreciate your time and support! Your input and suggestions are welcome. We’ll be using the information we collect to generate stats and figures for upcoming books and projects.  Can’t wait to share what we find with you guys!

  • The Science of Black Hair makes a great gift for the special people on your list this year!Does your significant other believe that he should have a say in your hair care?  
  • How long is the average transition to natural hair? The average relaxer stretch between applications?
  • Does age, location or educational level correlate to how we choose to wear our hair . . . or our attitudes/feelings about hair?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll find on the survey!  Click here to go to the hair survey! you SO much for your time and help. It is greatly appreciated!



Also, if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we will be hosting a Science of Black Hair Workshop there at the Texture Revolution Event next Saturday, August 10th. This event is sponsored by NaturallyCurly.com and Naturally Divine Beauty, and the lovely Ms. CharyJay will be there!  Details here –> http://naturallydivinebeauty.com/events/




  1. Great survey! I can’t believe you guys forgot to list Giovanni under “go to” products! Can’t wait to see the results and how you use them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If they didn’t have it listed before, it’s there now.

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  4. I saw your product on facebook and the wonders it does to natural hair wanted to know where can I get your product so I can try it on my hair

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