I’m going to be on Dr. Oz!

Hey guys!

It’s Audrey! I am so excited that I can barely type.  I’ve been holding this for awhile just to make sure that everything was confirmed– but yes!  It’s real.  I’m going to be on the Dr. Oz show!


The segment will be talking about how heat styling affects the hair and ways that we can work with heat without causing too much damage.

I am so nervous, but super excited!  What am I going to say? What am I going to wear? How should I do my hair? What if I mess up?  Stutter? So many questions! Lord.  Y’all, I am a nervous wreck.  I’ve never been to New York either.  I have so many thoughts going on in my mind that I can’t really process this. LOL!  In fact, when they got in touch with me, I honestly thought it was a joke.  I was like, Wait . . . Who? Me?  

But, I am so honored. I’ve always watched Dr. Oz and I really can’t believe that I am going to get to meet him.  I also want to just thank you guys for supporting me and my work, too. None of this would have been possible without your support– reading, viewing, sharing, liking, following, reviewing, commenting and purchasing!  . . . And praying, too. *smile*

I’ll keep you guys updated on when the show will actually air. In the meantime, I probably won’t sleep or eat. Haha!



  1. Eternally Grateful says:

    Wow!! That’s awesome! I’m soooo proud of you!! You are going to do well especially with God on your side! You know your fan base will be lifting you up and CHEERING YOU ON!!

  2. Congrats Audrey! I cannot think of another person that I would have to represent black hair! Thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done over the years on teaching me how to take care and maintain my hair. Because of The Science of Black Hair (aka THE hair bible) my hair has thrived! I cannot wait to watch!! Again, congrats on this well-deserved opportunity!

  3. Omg!! That’s amazing! ! Congratulations, you deserve it:)

  4. Hiya, it’s Divachyk. That’s Awesome! Congrats!!! Well deserved.

  5. Congrats girl, do let us know when it is, that way we can watch. Am sure you will look fabulous, and rock that hair girl!!!

  6. Wow! Congrats my fav doc and my fav remote hair consultant! Have a blast and keep us posted

  7. Yeeeehhhh, awesome, awesome, awesome, …If there is anyone out there who deserve to be on this show, then is you. Am so happy for you and i know you will kill it ……YOU WILL DO GREAT GIRL, DON’T BE NERVOUS .

  8. felic1@comcast.net says:

    Hello Audrey,

    I am so happy and excited for you. You have given a lot. Best wishes.

    Felicia Reese



  9. Congratulations! You’ll do great!

  10. Congratulations….what a blessing!
    Keep us informed on when it will air.

  11. Oh wow! Congrats Audrey!

  12. Congrats Audrey… T

  13. Congratulations I can’t wait to see you on Dr OZ.

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