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I’m Audrey Sivasothy (pronounced: See-vah-so-thee) and I am the author of the book, The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.  This blog will capture my musings on all things hair, health and fitness.  To me, The Science of Black Hair is about so much more than just hair! It has to be! So, my focus here will be creating a healthier you- period.  (That is the plan anyway!)

Relaxed or natural, black hair is one of the most unique fibers in the world. Beginning its journey from the scalp in an amazing explosion of curl, black hair fibers are by far the most versatile of all hair types. We can see extreme diversity in curl patterns and textures from kinky to near-straight throughout the black hair diaspora, and even upon the same head.  
My personal experiences and training in the Health Sciences have greatly informed and influenced the writing of my book, The Science of Black Hair. Good health is established through a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual constructs. My professional skills are focused on helping at-risk communities change adverse health-related behaviors through meaningful educational interventions. The goal is to simply improve the quality of life for the target population. While many of the health interventions Health Scientists plan are in response to traditional clinical ailments such as diabetes or cardiovascular health, we often consider the effects of other factors that negatively impact the quality of life for our target populations. Mental health and self-image are important factors to consider since negative self image has been routinely, positively correlated with poor overall health. Our hair, and how we present it to the world, plays a major role in how we view ourselves as people.

My hair care philosophy has always been quite laissez-faire.  No matter how you choose to wear your hair, my job is to help you discover better ways to handle it so that you can bring out its best potential!  There are often many ways to one goal, and this is true for hair care as well.  I love when readers contact me, and while I cannot answer every message right away- I do try to answer many of them! If you haven’t heard from me, sending kind reminders always works well.   Finally, (and this may come as a surprise, j/k!)  I am human and I do not know everything, lol.   If I can’t help you, I will point you to someone who can.  
Take care loves! All the best =)


  1. Well I have black hair, but obviously I think your book might be aimed at black women and their hair?

    Asian hair has variety but mine is the mundane, fine, but lots of it and straight. I keep it short, no perm.

    That’s all. At my age (50+) I want to simplify life even more. Haven’t gotten around to colouring hair at all. No have never done it.

  2. I am entering the beauty supply business and was told I should hire a professional consultant for my customer base. This is a great idea but budget and reality prompted me to learn as much as I can about black hair care so I’ve decided to buy your book. At every beauty supply store, one finds a variety of products to cater to almost every consumer. However, I must begin with a limited inventory so I was wondering what are the product staples in this business that provide the correct balance of moisture and protein for an African American Customer Base. Based on an informal survey I did, most people prefer product lines such as Motions, Organic Root Stimulator, Creme of Nature, Treseeme, and Pantene Pro-V for Black Hair. If I had to buy just 5-10 product lines, what might you suggest. Also, what you think about Human and Syntheic Weave for Women and what about hair for Men? Also, I love reading some of your blogs.

  3. hello i am natia at georgia i have black african har but i am not african iam wite woman but have african haire why?

  4. Karen rushdan says:

    Hello my name is karen and I have been searching tirelessly for a copy of your book The Science of Black Hair. Amazon does not seem to have the color version nor does Barnes and noble. Can you tells where I can obtain a copy please.
    I read some of the samples online and I am just blown away at the wealth of information. I have been natural now for about 4 years and I think my hair has gotten stuck because it does not seem to be growing. It seems this book can kick start my growth process again!



  5. Hey question…how applicable, would you say, is the hair education you share is to a person of african descendant with relaxed hair… http://introvertlybubbly.com/hair-days

    • ^ Many of the principles apply to textured hair whether it is chemically relaxed or natural. Our hair is made from the same things, it’s just that those with relaxed hair tend to need more protein supplementation along with moisture to keep breakage levels down. Those with unprocessed/natural hair tend to have more of the natural protein intact, so they won’t need as much protein reconstructing. =D

  6. Hi Audrey, just want to know your thought on natural salt and pepper hair especially 4c/z hair which is already dry pre loosing the melanin.
    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Audrey! I bought a copy of The Science of Black Hair, quite some time ago. I would like to know if there’s an updated list of hair products? Thanks!

  8. Veronica the Rainlady says:

    I need your personal help. My hair was pulled out when I had braids long ago. Now my hair grows back thin in those areas .not full. How can I get my hair to grow.

  9. My hair is so frizzy, often I look for cute hairstyles but mostly it is for black hair with lots of big curls, i want to grow my hair but it is so frizzy and thin it just breaks leaving it natural..


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