What Kind of Hair Care Product Shopper Are You?

Hey guys, It’s Audrey! Long time, no see! That’s what happens when you’re stuck in your deep, dark writing cave. So many deadlines pending, it’s crazy– but here’s a little snippet from one project I’m working on.  Y’all know I can get wordy, so just bear with me. (Making my writing do a little double-duty […]

I’m going to be on Dr. Oz!

Hey guys! It’s Audrey! I am so excited that I can barely type.  I’ve been holding this for awhile just to make sure that everything was confirmed– but yes!  It’s real.  I’m going to be on the Dr. Oz show! The segment will be talking about how heat styling affects the hair and ways that […]

Moisture Basics: Working with Hard Water

Hey folks, it’s Audrey! Okay, so after finally finishing up the follow-up videos for this moisture series, I realized that it was waaaay too much info to put in one video. Way too much! No one wants to hear me drone on and on . . .  and on  . . . for 20 minutes […]

Moisture Basics: Moisturizing and Sealing Your Hair

Hey guys and gals, I’m back today with a new video that’ll be the first in our series about moisture! In Part I of “Moisture Basics: Moisturizing and Sealing Your Hair” we cover the important role of humectants and oils in the moisturization process. We also show how water improves elasticity and other ways moisture […]

10 Quick Ways to Avoid Heat Damage from Your Heat Appliances

 Are you a heat abuser–ahem, errah power user? Well, you are not alone! One Cosmopolitan market research poll found that women (18-24 yrs old) are some serious heat abusers! Nearly 88 percent regularly use blow dryers, 71% use flat irons, and 64% use curling irons to style their hair. And even with so many healthy […]

When to Say Goodbye to Your Stylist: Transitioners & Newly Naturals

Going to your hair stylist should be an enjoyable experience—however, for transitioners and new naturals who are visiting with their stylists just after their decision to go natural or big chop, the trip can be daunting. In order to get the most out of your healthy hair care journey, your stylist must absolutely be on […]