New Video! The Hair Growth Cycle

For most of us who are really, really into healthy hair– hair growth is definitely a goal.  It may not be the number one priority, but it’s up there.  And of course, length accumulation is a byproduct of healthy hair– so they go hand in hand. Today, we’ll be talking about the hair growth cycle. […]

September Sale & Trim, Twists, etc.!

Hey ladies and gents! It has been awhile! As most of you know, I’m working on yet another book project (for transitioners and new naturals) and I’ve been kinda MIA for the past few months . . . well year . . . haha!  I’m still alive!  . . . Just wanted to drop in […]

We’re doing a Super Survey on Hair Attitudes, Trends & Practices!

Hey ladies and gents, it’s Audrey! I wanted to drop in and ask a huge favor! We are working on an informal survey about various hair attitudes, trends and practices– and we need your help!  You can find the survey here. >>>> Click here to go to the hair survey!  Feel free to pass the survey […]

Moisture Basics: Hair & Water Temperatures

Hi Guys! It’s Audrey! Okay, so we’ve talked a little about water hardness, pH and now it’s time to round out the discussion with a little chit chat about water temperatures! Quite often, we are guilty of using hot water to cleanse our hair and scalp.  Why?  Because it feels good! Unfortunately, it’s not the […]

The Ultimate Beauty Social Tour- Houston!

It’s Audrey! I wanted to do a quick recap of the African Pride–The Ultimate Beauty Social Tour- Houston! It was so nice to see all of the Houston bloggers, vloggers and media personalities- all under one roof! The Houston scene has really grown, and it’s really exciting to be part of such an amazing group […]

Moisture Basics: pH Problems

Hey folks,  Audrey here! Ready for Part 3?  We’ve talked about water hardness here, now as promised, here’s the second water problem we run into that can lead to dryness– problems with pH! In case you forgot, the series is 4 videos all together. Here’s Part I of the series, and I’ll link to others as […]

The Ultimate Beauty Social Tour- Houston!

Houston ladies! It’s Audrey!!! I will be hosting The Ultimate Beauty Social Tour by African Pride along with Tamara of Natural Hair Rules and  Shalanda “Shasie” Turner of Live Life in Style on Saturday, April 6th. (12pm-2pm) This is a private event, BUT . . .  Each of us may run a contest for our Houston readers to win a pair of […]

Ask Audrey . . . Transitioning from Relaxed to ‘Texlaxed’ and Stiff Hair Issues

Hi guys, it’s Audrey! Today we’re going to answer a few questions that we’ve gotten from the SBH community!  It’s a great way to stay in touch and answer some of your burning questions. When possible, I’ll try to include a video response to really help things along! The questions really span the gamut of […]

Understanding The Protein/Moisture Balance

If you’ve read The Science of Black Hair, you know that we speak at length about the protein/moisture balance (Chapter 6, pg. 93).  It’s just so important! For those of you who are like: the protein/moisture what?  Here’s a quick video (well six minutes is not exactly quick, but you know what I mean!), that shows […]

The Science of Black Hair in Audio!

Still thinking about what to get that special someone on your Christmas list?   Your mom? Your daughter? Sister? Your stylist?   Well, we have the perfect solution!   The Science of Black Hair book in audio! YES! We’ve finally done something we’ve been promising to do for awhile… we’ve made The Science of Black […]