The Seven Deadly Hair Sins

Goodness! It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Trying to do better with the blog posts, lol! We will see how that goes =) In hair care, there seven deadly hair sins that can really make your hair life miserable. We’ll walk you through them and give you quick tips for avoiding them! Are you […]

Top 3 Reasons You’re Having Crown Area Hair Breakage

When the rest of your hair is growing on cue, it can be really frustrating to deal with a stagnant crown area.  Although natural hair tends to mask crown area breakage better than relaxed and transitioning hair, crown area breakage can affect anyone.  Crown area breakage is a chronic breakage problem that results in hair […]

Think it’s Dandruff? Think Again!

Everyone has had to deal with dandruff at one point or another.  And let’s face it, those flakes are just never welcome!  For most of us, a quick washing with Head and Shoulders,  Nizoral, Selsun Blue, or some tea-tree inspired something is enough to clear up most flake flare ups— but sometimes dandruff can be, […]

When Water is the Enemy

When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, most folks will tell you— moisture is the key.  In fact, “moisture, moisture, moisture” is one of the first things we learn as hair care newbies in this big strange world of hair regimens and hair care.  And let’s face it— when your head is home to one […]

The Compound Effect in Healthy Hair Care: Avoiding the Fluff and Sticking to Key Healthy Hair Principles

Most writers will tell you that they are also avid readers.  I am no exception to the rule.  Interestingly, one book that has informed my understanding of hair care is not really a hair care book at all.  It’s a little book called, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  In the book, Hardy states that, […]

Holistic Protective Styling: 7 Great Tips for Building More Protection Into Your Hair Care Regimen

Last week we discussed the importance of looking at protective styling from a holistic standpoint.  (A holistic protective styling regimen is one where protective measures are instituted throughout the entire regimen from cleansing to conditioning and general handling.) Actual hair styling is just a bullet point in a holistic protective styling regimen.  When all of […]

Holistic Protective Styling: Why “Marginally Protective” Regimens Can Still Be Successful

When we think of protective styling, most of us think of boring buns, tired twists and variations of these hidden away styles.  But the truth is, protective styling is so much more than just styling and hiding our hair 24 hours a day. Although the styling element is important—to be successful, a healthy hair care […]

Hair Coloring and Hair Surface/Texture Changes

Ever wonder why color-treated hair feels rougher or has a slightly different texture than untreated hair? Permanent hair color degrades the hair’s smooth, transparent cuticle surface, which causes it to become uneven, chipped, irregular and rough.  This micro-scarring of the hair’s cuticle causes additional friction between individual hair shafts, leading to dryness and hair damage. […]

Coiling and Cuticle Fragility

Our coils or curls, whether worn in the natural or relaxed state, have special properties and needs that we must take into consideration. Knowing about coiling behavior and what that means for our fibers will make us all think twice before working with our tresses in a rough manner. The process of coiling for a […]

Welcome to The Science of Black Hair Blog!

Thank you for visiting The Science of Black Hair’s blog! I’m Audrey Sivasothy (pronounced: See–vah–so–thee) and I am the author of the book, The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.  This blog will capture my musings on all things hair and hopefully share some insights from the book and my upcoming titles.  (That is the […]